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A ‘Folly’ in Bow

This small building is a response to our client's need for external storage space within a tight-knitted urban fabric. Its location in a tucked away corner, a space between a rear garden and an access pathway, provided an ideal opportunity to create a tall outbuilding with a small footprint.


The Folly consists of a 2-storey outbuilding that straddles an existing Victorian brick boundary wall. The use of wood on this small project has been carried through to the interior, where all walls, floors and ceilings have been clad with exposed Birch plywood, providing the internal spaces with a very special quality in which the internal temperature and humidity levels are kept at a very constant and comfortable level throughout the year.


The dark colour of the applied external treatment to the cladding is key to the success of this small building in its setting. Almost like a large nest in a tree, one notices it at times but feels like it totally belongs to that place.

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